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Repair services are offered on ProtelĀ® and ElcotelĀ® circuit boards of any age and payphone parts currently under warranty. No repair services are offered for out-of-warranty parts and accessories. Please remember that any board or part sent for repair must be accompanied by an
RPA form.

Warranty Policy
North Atlantic (NA) extends the manufacturer's limited warranty on specific products. In the case of refurbished products, NA will extend a warranty period specific to the used product at its discretion. On out-of-service equipment no warranty is extended and it is sold "As-Is".

New Payphones
New Housings, New Boards and new internal parts

2-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty*

Desk Top Payphones

1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty*

All Other New Products, Parts & Subassemblies

2-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty*

1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty*

Refurbished Payphones
Refurbished Housings
with new boards
with refurbished boards

90 Days
2-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty*
90 Days

All Other Refurb. Products, Parts & Subassemblies

90 Days

All warranties are from date of shipment to the CUSTOMER, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the period indicated. NA will repair or replace the defective part, without charge for parts or labor for the duration of the warranty. The warranty does not cover defects caused by unreasonable use, abuse, improper handling and/or repackaging, unauthorized repair service and/or unauthorized replacement parts, vandalism, neglect, or damage by accident.

Repair Warranty Policy
North Atlantic (NA) warrants that covered equipment operates within the specifications published for the equipment and shall be free from defects in hardware and circuit boards for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of shipment or installation by NA. Six (6) additional months will be given on problems found and repaired on circuit boards, by NA.**

The CUSTOMER may return to NA, during the applicable warranty period at the CUSTOMER'S shipping expense, any product sold by NA to the CUSTOMER that is defective. NA shall return to the CUSTOMER, as promptly as possible, but no later than five (5) to (7) days after receiving a defective item as described above which is under warranty coverage, a working replacement or the original product repaired. The correction of such defective product(s) shall be at no cost to the CUSTOMER except for the expense of shipping the defective product(s) to NA which the CUSTOMER will pay. The cost of shipping repaired or replacement product(s) back to the CUSTOMER shall be paid by NA.

**Exceptions are Electrical Surges and Vandalism.

NOTE: The MANUFACTURER will price any product repair that requires the product to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. NA reserves the right to charge an additional $25 administration fee for repairs sent to the manufacturer.

*Limited Warranty Exceptions
A warranty may be voided if any of the following should occur: lightning, power surge, fire, physical damage, improper packaging / handling, unauthorized repair or upgrade modifications, use of non-factory authorized components, removal of serial number or manufacturer date label, and atmospheric or caustic corrosion.

Below is a list of products we repair, with pricing.



$40 flat rate or $35 for 10 or more boards

ECS2 Coin Scanner








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