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The most durable and consumer-friendly air machines on the market.
These units just keep on working!

. High visibility
. Stainless steel construction
. Two year warranty
. "Slug proof" coin mechanism
. Programmable time and fee switch
. 110 volt power requirement
. Tire gauge included on hose
. Secure interior mounting

Call us at 800-442-2388 or go to "Contact" and
send us a request for information

You can now order from our online catalog. Click "Air Machines" on the category list to the left for a complete list of universal replacement
parts. You can also order the full unit.

machine - complete stainless steel

machine - complete stainless steel

machine - complete stainless steel

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To Place an Order, Call us at 1-800-442-2388 or Fax us at: 678-765-6727
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